Tom Big Al Schreiter Shares His Greatest MLM Ice Breaker / First Sentence

If you are like most MLM lovers, you probably want to tell a short story about what Network Marketing is to the people that have raised their hands.

(if you are talking to a Die Hard MLMer, they might ask…)

– What do you do?

– Heaps of frustrated Network Marketers are using Mentoring For Free to build their business mostly online globally, because they realize that they will be in a rat hole forever if they do not take advantage of our free MLM coaching and mentoring system.

(And if you are talking to a non MLMer, they might ask…)

– What is Network Marketers / Network Marketing?
“Imagine, you’re having a conversation with a prospect, you know a network marketing business would be good for them… but you’re not sure how to bring up the topic of Network Marketing.

Wouldn’t it be good to know some of the easiest ways to bring up Network Marketing during a conversation? Well, in the video above, Mastermind Event presenter Tom “Big Al” Schreiter  shares his most tried-and-tested first sentence.”

Excerpt from Mastermind Event Blog… Would you like more info about how to make more money in Network Marketing? Then I highly recommend you come to the Network Marketing Mastermind Event, and bring your team.

Mastermind Event

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