Success in 10 Steps Free Ebook Review. Why should I read this MLM ebook?


Robert Klinga here. I read Success in 10 Steps free ebookby Michael Dlouhy. Why? Because, a trusted resource/friend online recommended it.

Success in 10 Steps free ebook

I had seen this MLM ebook online a few years before… But was not open/ready to give it a read.

Success in 10 Steps free ebook  is now sweeping the Internet, plus a lot of MLM lovers seem to be talking about it.

Why should you download and read this free MLM ebook?

You might want to evaluate it for yourself …

Success in 10 Steps Free Ebook
Robert Klinga and Michael Dlouhy

The following is an excerpt from “Success in 10 Steps” paperback version
– Special New Bonus Section… Enjoy!

If The Business Model Doesn’t Fit Your Personality, You Will Fail

OK. I think we have a very clear picture of breakage and compensation plans and what behavior that drives. Now, let’s look at a compensation plan against a personality type.

Let’s say you’re a Yellow personality, the loving, giving, caring, nurturing person. You want to work deep, deep, deep in your organization, to help people. And your company has a stairstep-breakaway compensation plan. Let’s say it’s $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 … increments like that.

For the amazing closer – the one who can sell ice to an Eskimo – that $3,000 or $5,000 package is nothing. They’ll sell those all day long, because they are a saleperson.

But Yellow – the nurturer – they can’t even ask the person for the money because they’re thinking. “Ohmigosh, that’s a lot of money. If they don’t sell this stuff, they’ll have a lot of debt on their credit card. I don’t want to be responsible for putting debt on their card. Oh no oh no oh no!”

That’s what is going on in their head when they’re talking to the prospect. So if you are a Yellow and you get into the sales arena with the Red, you will lose every time.

So here’s the other business model: MLM compensation plans are designed for certain personality Colors! A stairstep-breakaway plan will never work for the Yellow. NEVER … because it goes against them.

Several years ago we met a lady coming up on retirement. She’d spent 5 or 6 years trying to build a network marketing downline. She was a Yellow Schoolteacher, nurturing, caring, late ’50s or early ’60s. She had tried 3 different MLM companies, and all 3 had stairstep-breakaway compensation plans. It was amazing!

She struggled to build a business that went against her personality. She switched companies to a compensation plan that suited the Yellow personality, and suddenly, she had success. Within 2 years, she was full-time, debt-free.

So again, the business model only works for certain personalities. If you’re not having success in network marketing, you need to figure out your personality type – get Powerful Networking Secrets or the Color To Success CD. Read the ebook, listen to the CD, figure out your personality, then get some coaching or mentoring on “Does this compensation plan work for YOU?”

No matter what you’re selling, a product or service, you’ve got to see what is happening in the field in real time, in the real world…”

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I hope you enjoy Success in Steps free ebook.

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