Why Threatening Myself with Rotten Herring Didn’t Help My Business


How to Disarm a ‘Throw ‘Em Up Against the Wall See Who Stick, it’s a Numbers Game’ Type Networker

Of course I have a dream… For a long time I’ve had a strong reason WHY to build an MLM business. But somehow that wasn’t enough to succeed. Maybe it was my motivation that failed? Or was I just plain lazy?

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a quite nice guy, sometimes people tell me I’m a good listener. I’m not the kind of person who immediately grabs everyone’s attention when walking into a room, but not overly shy either.

The first time I joined an MLM company I did everything by the book. Some friends and relatives bought my products mostly to be nice to me. A few even joined the company. But since neither I nor my uplines could offer them any good coaching on how to build a business, all but my mother quit after a while. I tried a couple of times to change companies, but with the same poor results.

Robert Klinga MLM
Quest: Threatening myself with rotten herring…

I started to contact strangers at the supermarket with a well rehearsed catchy phrase, but had to threaten myself with rotten herring (a Swedish specialty, some people actually eat it) to bring myself to it. That kept my motivation up for a while, but can you guess how many people I actually signed?

Yeah, almost nobody.

And I most certainly didn’t feel comfortable with that way of recruiting business partners. I’m just NOT that super outgoing salesperson who loves convincing and converting other people.

How to Get Hungry MLM prospects Online with Michael Dlouhy’s ebook

One day when I read a paper by Michael Dlouhy I started to think that maybe, just maybe, there’s not just ONE way to build an MLM business. Perhaps people like me, who don’t love rejections and don’t want to be pushy can find other means to succeed?

A stone fell from my chest! I could now learn ways to make already hungry MLM prospects come to me!

Suddenly I had no trouble at all with my motivation. Now, no one has threaten me with rotten herring to make my calls. And the people in my organization actually stay. They don’t have to go through tons of annoyed rejections to reach that one precious YES.

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Enjoy the book!

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Robert Klinga

Robert Klinga is a coach and mentor for entrepreneurs who hate rejections and want to build their business globally... Like he does.


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