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Robert Klinga – The Big Bunny Race

Once upon a time there was an ambitious little bunny rabbit called Fluffy. Fluffy’s biggest dream in life was to win “the Big Bunny Race” in a large rabbit town nearby. Fluffy’s dream occupied her thoughts day and night – she could actually feel in her legs how it would be like to cross the finish line with the crowd cheering her on. There was but one catch, the competition was for teams only.

“Well, how hard can it be?” Fluffy thought. “I’ll just need to convince three rabbits to start training with me.” Fluffy had, as rabbits tend to have, quite a few brothers and sisters and was well-liked among her many friends. So, she went out to find some rabbits for her team.

Fluffy told all her siblings and friends about the huge truck load of carrots the winners of the race would get. She described how sweet the carrots would taste, how crunchy they would feel and how delightful they would smell. She also pointed out how all the other rabbits would look up to them if they won. Then Fluffy told them participating would not be hard for them at all. “Come on, I mean jumping and running? That’s what we rabbits do every day. It’ll just take a little bit of practise, I’ll help you.”

Finally Fluffy managed to convince a younger sister, her brother in law and a distant cousin to join. Fluffy decided the team should meet each morning for an hour of work-out before breakfast. The first week went well, the rabbits thought it was quite fun to run and jump around with Fluffy. Next week her sister started to complain a bit. “It’s almost three months left. You don’t REALLY expect us to practise every morning until then, do you?” Fluffy was able to shut her up by once again making a speak about all the carrots and all the honour they would gain.

But for every week it got a bit tougher to motivate the team. Fluffy soon had to wake them in the mornings, drag them out of bed and cheer and praise every little hop they accomplished. She started to bring baby carrots along to practise to improve their motivation and she even painted three carrot posters to put above her team members beds. By the end of the second month, Fluffy was exhausted.

One morning when it had been especially difficult to bribe her team members to practise, she just couldn’t take it anymore. “Your lazy fox feed,” she snapped. “If you don’t practise hard, you will never full fill your dreams!”

The other rabbits looked at each other. Fluffy’s cousin was the first to speak. “Well Fluffy, you’ve always been nice to me and all and I’d really like to help you, but running in front of so many rabbits seems a bit scary to me.” Fluffy’s brother in law filled in: “And really, I don’t need that many carrots. Eating grass is good enough for me.” Fluffy’s little sister added: “I thought you said this would be easy. I won’t do it anymore, I quit! I never dreamed of winning any races until you persuaded me.”

Fluffy didn’t win “the Big Bunny Race” that year. But since this is a fairytale and such are supposed to have happy endings… Fluffy moved into the big town, joined a runner’s club and eventually teamed up with other rabbits that, just like herself, loved running and jumping and shared Fluffy’s dream of truck loads full of carrots.

Robert Klinga, Linda and Michael Dlouhy
Linda, Robert Klinga and Michael Dlouhy

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