5 Tips for Writing Great MLM Blog Posts


In this article you will learn 5 online mlm marketing blog tips… Enjoy!

Your quest is to find YOUR own MLM passion and strenghts…

What should I write about on my MLM blog?

1. Find your strengths and passion related to MLM/Network Marketing. For instance, it could be:

If one of your strengths is Online MLM Marketing  Strategies

I coach and mentor MLM lovers who hate rejections and don’t want to be pushy plus want to build their business mostly online globally, using for example Facebook, a blog and Skype. Like I do.


Do you know anyone who might like to know about free personal weekly MLM coaching?

If you do not really know what to write about, then write about the things you are currently learning more about, for example how to get to the position one, two and three on Google, with your MLM blog and/or post.

Why should I write about my MLM strengths?

Because, firstly you want to shout out to the world your strengths. The fact is by doing that you will attract like minded people to you.

Secondly, if you want to build your MLM/Network Marketing business for the long haul, then you want to write about things that matter and resonate most with you, in other words your strengths and passion. This combination will be your business advantage.

2. Research and gather information from blogs and articles regarding your passion. Write a short draft with your own words and add all of your past experiences, knowledge and knowhow e t c.

3. Always aim for quality. The quality depends very much on the time and effort you put into that MLM blog post. I believe it takes at least a few days to make an unique, useful and compelling article.

Remember to always spell- and grammar check your post. Here is two great free online resources you can use:

http://spellcheckplus.com/ and http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/

4. Target long tail keywords. Because the competition is usually not so fierce and they are a heck lot more specific, which means that you give people what they’re asking for. An example: it is easier to rank high on Google with “big al schreiter pdf” than just the keyword “MLM”.

5. Finally, brainstorm and get feedback on your online MLM marketing strategies. I highly recommend that you might want to be part of an online global MLM Master Mind group to get weekly feedback and also a personal one-on-one free MLM coaching.

Just having a great blog post is not enough to make you successful with your MLM business online. You have to get the word out. In other words promote your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, bookmarking sites e t c to get more backlinks/”votes”.

As a result you will over time climb onthe Google latter to get higher rankings and position. Plus targeted hungry MLM clients. :-)

The bottomline:

Take action, get feedback, improve it and keep moving. Why? Because real success comes from taking action, getting feedback on that action, and then modifying your next steps based on the feedback.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about 5 online MLM marketing strategies.

Remember always to have fun building your MLM business mostly online globally.

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