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When I started with MLM about 10 years ago, my sponsor gave me the feeling as if I was joining an all inclusive Caribbean cruise. Man… It was all going to be great FUN! The cruise ship would be full of people, ready to help me succeed.

It all sounded GREAT! To be part of this cruise all I needed to do was buy a ticket of at least 5000 Euros and my journey with the company could start.

And so I did, I was really excited and ready to board my cruise ship towards success! But when I entered the ship… Nobody was there! What I had done was buy myself into a lifeboat.

I was floating on the fast MLM ocean all by myself! The people who would be there to help me weren’t there. I could get training but that would cost me about 200 Euro a month to be part of a training center. And all they did teach was, buy sample boxes from the company (for just 100 euros a box) and give them away to everybody who came within 3 feet of me. Talk to family, friends, neighbors and drag them to the opportunity meetings. Buy leads, buy more sample boxes, talk to more people, place ads in newspapers and buy more sample boxes.

But when I asked what I should say to people I met, they couldn’t tell me. When I screamed for help they just let me drift away in my lifeboat…

After struggling a few years without any results I hit the rocks and stranded on a desert island, still alone and with no clue on how to build my business. In search for the skills I turned to my upline again… but they still wouldn’t help me, so I started searching on the internet. There I found a few people who told me they could help me, but in order for them to help me I had to pay them from 500 Euros up to 7500 Euros.

It drove me crazy, I was highly frustrated and I was about ready to quit and give up. As my last resort I downloaded a few ebooks with information about the industry. Most of them were ways to trick me in some kind of training deal where I again had to pay a lot of money to receive some training.

Nando van Berlo's MLM Success Story

Nando van Berlo’s MLM Success Story

One of the last ebooks I started reading was written by Michael Dlouhy and was called Success In 10 Steps. I was very skeptical when I started reading this ebook, but when I read it, it all made perfect sense. And a few days later a mentor from Mentoring For Free called me and took me by the hand to learn me the skills needed in the MLM industry. They showed me how to build my business, how to develop myself into a leader and how to get my own, highly qualified leads. All by using the internet like social media and Skype, to build the business globally. And as the name implied Mentoring For Free really was free of charge. I didn’t have to spend a dime to learn the skills.

I became a mentor myself and now I help people who are struggling. Just like I was. I help people to build their business and develop themselves into MLM leaders. Do not be left behind on your own desert island! Remember to download and read the ebook Success In 10 Steps now and I soon will contact you for your own personal training…

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