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This is a conversation with an MLM legend Michael Dlouhy…

The Missing Masterpiece in MLM?

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Michael Dlouhy Nailed This One

In this video, we’d like to give you a quick overview about…

What the heck is retention and why is it important?

Robert Klinga: This is Robert Klinga from Stockholm, Sweden and I got my good friend and one of my mentors Michael Dlouhy here as well… Hello Michael…

Michael Dlouhy: Hey, Robert… Pleasure to be here.

Robert Klinga: Yeah, great to visit you… Alright, retention… If I understand retention… it simply means to… keep people in a business.

Michael Dlouhy: Absolutely.

Robert Klinga: Why is it important to have a high retention of business partners or customers?

Michael Dlouhy: Well, It’s the lifeblood of your business It makes no sense if you bring 3 000 people a month in to your business and 1 300 are leaving and going out of the backdoor. That is what I call it… churn and burn. You want to keep people… and the secret is to having products that people would buy without a compensation plan attached to it… so you create loyal customers… that they would buy the products no matter what… this is what creates that residual-walk-away income when you quit building… when you quit coming in and doing the business… the checks keeps coming in, because you created loyal customers.

And when give the business builder’s a proven duplicatable system like Mentoring For Free that has a step-by-step business plan of… How to do the business… and How to build an organization then you create massive retention. In stead of going get 3 000 new people, you retaining 2 800 of those 3 000 people…

Robert Klinga: Churn and Burn…

Michael Dlouhy: Exactly, No more… Churn and Burn… and so that’s what get exciting… back to you Robert.

Robert Klinga: Absolutely, thank you very much Michael… Thanks for watching. Bye…

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Thanks and enjoy! :-)

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Michael Dlouhy and Robert Klinga
Robert Klinga and Michael Dlouhy

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:!: If you are like heaps of MLM lovers, then you might want to build your MLM business mostly online globally. Like he does...


Grab This Free eBook/PDF:


===> Online MLM Masterpiece PDF <===


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