3 Ways You Can Instantly Make Your MLM Blog Content Better for Readers AND Google

Whether Online MLM marketers like to hear it or not: content is what rules the Internet. Google’s ranking algorithm has changed five times since you started reading this piece. There is no magical secret that will get your stuff shared on social media. Quality content that actually helps your reader is the starting point for everything. Fortunately, you don’t need to be Shakespeare to write great articles. As long as you can speak your target audience’s language and incorporate the following tips, you will be well on your way towards reaching your network marketing business goals.

Let The Competition Set The Bar, Then Exceed It

One of the main reasons that people are afraid to jump into online mlm marketing is that they believe everything has been done before. There are literally hundreds of products and thousands of articles in niches like weight loss, skin care, fitness and health related stuff e t c… If you really pay attention to this content though you will realize that most of it isn’t that great. Even the pieces on major hubs and aggregation sites leave out a ton of information. You can gain instant credibility (and love from Google) if you put in more work than your competition when it comes to your pieces. They show you what works: all you need to do is do the same thing better than they did it.

Write Too Much, Then Skim Down

Writing a content piece that has enough information is a daunting task for a lot of people. They’re used to trying to hit a 500-700 word count limit and then hitting post before even thinking about it. To get yourself to the level mentioned above you are going to need to do the exact opposite. When you write the first draft of any article, write absolutely anything you can about the subject at hand. Afterwards, go through and cut things out two (but preferably three) times. You’ll find where you get repetitive, where you get off topic and even might find things that you would have left out.

A great bonus? A lot of the information that you cut can still be used as a basis for their own pieces down the line.

Link To Resources And Research

Backlinking is huge in the Online MLM marketing world and it should be. Even after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates it is still clear that the right links from the right places directly affect rankings. An important outbound link building strategy that will help you in the eyes of Google is linking to relevant resources within your pieces themselves. This doesn’t mean linking to a network marketing sales page; but rather hitting on articles and case studies that prove the points you are making. It looks and seems like you’re giving a free backlink without getting anything in return; but you are really building credibility with both your readers and the search engines.

Each of the above tips can be implemented on your websites today; right now in fact. Go ahead and try them out, and let the results speak for themselves.

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PS... Have You Read The Missing Masterpiece in MLM Yet? [PDF]


:!: If you are like heaps of MLM lovers, then you might want to build your MLM business mostly online globally. Like he does...


Grab This Free eBook/PDF:


===> Online MLM Masterpiece PDF <===


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