Are You a Robot or a Clown? How to talk with MLM prospects – rejection free


Video About MLM Ice Breakers

Have you ever wondered how to talk to MLM prospects – rejection free?

Well… I have a good story…

A guy called Joe looked for the best car for him and he purchased the car. Then, he never learned how to drive his car. He never took driving lessons, he never went out driving with his parents, he never read the owner’s manual. He did not know what the pedals were like on the floor or where to put the key into the ignition. The only thing he did was a couple attempts at “trial and error”. He yelled at his car and said, “Drive! Drive!” And his car did not drive itself.

Would it be okay if… we learn the skills and get the job done?

Have you ever wondered how to talk to people and introduce your business or products – rejection free?

Well… today I am going to talk about how to use MLM ice breakers to make a breakthrough in our business. I’ve learned most of them from my friend and mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

I have a golden principle and that is… I only give a presentation to MLM prospects that ask me for a presentation first.

How would your life change if you learned the skills and talked with MLM prospects – rejection free and imagine most people begging you for presentations? How would that feel?

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How to talk with MLM prospects - rejection free

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