How to Use Facebook for Online MLM Marketing

There are a lot of online mlm marketers that look at Facebook as a means of advertising. It is important that you know how you can keep your fans on this social network. There are certain tips that you should consider when you use Facebook for internet marketing.

Having Two Profile Pictures

Facebook allows you to have two profile pictures and you should take advantage of this. The first profile picture is a smaller image that people will see when you post anything. The second picture is a much larger picture that appears on the top of your profile.

Using both of these picture options is important because it allows you to tell people more about your business. To stand out there are many businesses that have the two pictures linked together. Something happening in the smaller picture can be expanded in the larger picture.

Having Something To Say Every Day

To keep your fans in the loop you have to post something on your Facebook profile every day. Of course, you have to ensure that what you post is relevant and not too random. You do not have to post text because you can also post a picture or video that is relevant to what your business is about.

When you update your Facebook you should not only look at what you are posting on your page. If you see that one of your friend’s has posted something that relates to your business you should make a comment. Commenting on other peoples posts is a great way to further the image of your business and connect with other users.

Always Be Unique

When you update your profile you need to be unique. Posting something that everyone has already seen will cause people to ignore what you post. Of course, you should never give up relevance to be more unique as this defies the point of posting on Facebook.

There are other ways that you can be unique that you should look at. If you are able to create an application that will only be found on your profile then you should. Small details on your profile can make you memorable and cause people to recommend you to their friends.

Using Your Pictures Properly

A lot of people publish a picture and hope that people look at it. There is a better way to get people to look at the new picture that you have posted. You should tag your Facebook fans and friends on pictures that you feel would be relevant for them.

If you are wary of randomly tagging people you can ask them to do it themselves. As part of a competition or game you can have your friends and fans tag themselves or their friends in a picture. When you do this you increase the viewership your Facebook page.

Facebook is a great social media marketing tool that all network marketers should look at. There are a number of ways that you can increase the viewership of your profile. Regardless of what you do you should always be unique, relevant and current.

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PS... Have You Read The Missing Masterpiece in MLM Yet? [PDF]


:!: If you are like heaps of MLM lovers, then you might want to build your MLM business mostly online globally. Like he does...


Grab This Free eBook/PDF:


===> Online MLM Masterpiece PDF <===


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