Basic Search Engine Optimization for MLM Bloggers

Applying basic search engine optimization to your blog and blog posts can be crucial in contributing to the success of your blog. SEO is how people locate and find your site when they do a search for a specific topic or product. If done correctly it can increase your search engine traffic to bring you a large amount of visitors while boosting your online presence.

You first want to be sure that you are giving each of your posts a proper title. Consider how people may phrase the subject when they are trying to find it and then create your title from that knowledge. Your post title is very important to your SEO plan. The title will appear in the browser’s title bar as well as on your actual post page.

Providing your blog fresh content is also very important. You can try to include some of the popular search terms or phrases for the subject that you are posting within the post itself. As long as the content has a flow placing the keywords within it can greatly help to improve your website ranking.

Do not however try to stuff as many keywords as you can into your site. This will actually have a negative effect and it will have you moved back in the rankings instead of moving you forward. By placing keywords in your posts you are helping to categorize your content so that it is easily found. Google will recognize too many keywords as spamming and that will have a negative effect on your overall website ranking.

Make sure that in your newer posts you link back to some of your past posts containing the same topic. Whenever you place a link on a page the search engine will crawl through it. You want to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to be able to seamlessly crawl your site.

The biggest challenge for any blog or website is marketing. Try to get your site out there by linking to other sites. If you can get a link on a top ranking site about the same main categories as your site, Google sees this as something important and will crawl your site because of the link. Sharing your links on social network sites can also help to get people to come and take a look at what you have to offer.

Because search engines read text for content, try to keep actual text instead of images when possible. If you are using images try to give them text headings instead of graphic titles. The search engines will be able to read the text heading for content.

This will help your content to be recognized and categorized. Google can find your images, but it is done in a different way and they appear in an image search results not a text results. So you really want to title your images properly for good SEO.

If you really want your blog or website to be successful, implementing a search engine optimization plan can be a crucial part of reaching that success.

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PS... Have You Read The Missing Masterpiece in MLM Yet? [PDF]


:!: If you are like heaps of MLM lovers, then you might want to build your MLM business mostly online globally. Like he does...


Grab This Free eBook/PDF:


===> Online MLM Masterpiece PDF <===


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