How to Attract MLM Prospects Online


Hi, Robert Klinga here. I got my son Sam here as well… In this video we’d like to give you a quick overview about attraction or how can we attract MLM prospects online – rejection free?

Have You ever Wondered How You Can Be More Attractive Online?


Are You The Person That Makes Hungry MLMers Happily Wait in Line to Speak to You?


Attract MLM Prospects Step-by-Step

● First you want to know exactly “What do people really want?”, “What do people really feel?”, “What’s going on in their mind?”, “What are they looking for?” and “What are their concerns and FRUSTRATIONS?”.


Because… If you can help them and guide them step-by-step to get their questions answered and also guide them to success – Then you will succeed and collect a fortune.


For example, ask them “What is your biggest career/job problem?”

● After you have done your market research…

“Create useful/valuable content that is educational and/or enlightening and/or entertaining (3EContent)… Not “marketing” content (sales pitches)” – Charles Heflin and Thomas Rozof


Because… Online marketing experts say that only a small percentage of content seekers are ready to buy. Which means that most MLM prospects are in the research and discovery phase. If you want to have raving fans then always create useful/valuable content (3EContent).

The fact is, MLM prospects will be attracted to you and that is what you want to create… ATTRACTION.

You want to promote YOU, not your company or product. In MLM today people join people, not companies. It’s all about you. People want to get a feeling of who you are.

As a result, MLM prospects will be more likely to follow you and maybe join your network marketing business.

● The bottom line is this… MLM prospects have problems. You give some no-cost value, guidance and/or directions. As a result, people come closer to their vision, people are happier and people like you more.

As a matter of fact the happier people are and the more they like you, the more attractive you become.

Which means more…

♥ + $ + :-) = For You

Have you ever wondered how you can be more attractive online?


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Attract MLM Prospects

How to Attract MLM Prospects Online

All about attracting MLM prospects online…

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